Oh hey there! Thank you for checking out my blog.

Let me introduce myself ehem…

My name is Justine and I’m a an artist and content creator. I love to study about spirituality, do travel and create art.

This is one of my platforms and I welcome you!

Enjoy and I hope I inspire you with my posts! 😀

What is this blog all about?

I believe in exploring your inner world as well as the world around you. Both fuel each other and produce unlimited source of ideas for creativity. That’s why I want to inspire people to be more spiritual and travel more because we are living in an age where we our phones, cubicles and sometimes our jobs becomes our jailors. We rarely enjoy life anymore and to go to new places and explore.

Exploration is key to innovation because it pushes us out of our comfort zone and into a whole new world of ideas and possibilities.

So if you want motivation for art, travel and spiritual content this is the blog for you.